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Maria climbing Mt. Hamilton Maria at Upper Echelon Fitness, Portland

Kate Powlison, Age 27 - Boulder, Colorado

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In 2011 Maria became the first woman in Puerto Rico to qualify for and complete Paris Brest Paris (PBP). PBP is one of the true monuments of amateur cycling requiring participants to cover 1200 kms in less than 90 hours. One might think that staying awake and pedaling for almost four days is hard, but life has dealt Maria much bigger challenges and there's no quit in her.

When she speaks about her three boys, ages 10,12, and 14 and the example she's trying to set for them you recognize Maria has an inner light that won't go out no matter how dark the night gets. She may not have the top gear that some of the amateur racers on the team have, but Maria has exactly the right tools to power along day after day... and when she gets out the saddle climbing she makes hard work look very smooth.

Cool on the Mt. Hamilton descent 2012 RED on the new women's specific Cannondale