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Kym Fant

Kate Powlison, Age 27 - Boulder, Colorado

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Kym Fant directs managed markets for Bayer Pharmaceuticals on the West Coast. That means a fair bit of travel for the mother of an energetic two-year old fittingly named Axl and the co-owner of two bikes shops with husband Glenn in Santa Rosa. Imagine a Cirque du Sole plate spinning act and you have some idea of the phrenetic balancing act that is Kym's life before adding twenty hours a week of training for a grand tour. Amazingly the only time you see Kym sweat is on the bike or on the cover of a major cycling magazine, which happens from time to time.

By the time we leave for France Kym will have logged nearly 5,000 miles and 450,000 feet of climbing since she decided to ride the Tour in January. Her constant good humor and easy-going manner belie a fierce determination to leave nothing to chance in her preparations.

As one of two mothers on the team Kym admits she couldn't go three weeks without her son... so midway through the journey Glenn, Axl and her mom Sheryl will arrive to let them spend a little time together at night between stages.

Kym's son Axl Kym