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Jennifer Cree Jennifer is always on the lookout for berries and ponies

Kate Powlison, Age 27 - Boulder, Colorado

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This grand tour isn't the first time that Jennifer Cree has set out on a bicycle with adventure in mind. When she was twenty three she and her twin sister and two cousins rode all the way from Seattle to Mexico one summer. The experience provided unforgettable memories and the echoes no doubt played into her decision to join the Rêve women's team.

Jennifer owns Portland's Upper Echelon Fitness with husband Russell Cree. At this moment in her life she's balancing the final stages of pilates instructor certification so she can teach at the club and her regular job as a dental hygienist. In France it will be Jennifer that spots wild ponies or a tempting blackberry bush... and with luck she'll get her teammates to stop pedaling just long enough to enjoy them.

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