Our goal is to get all of you on the podium in Paris. To do that you'll have to ride as a team, share the workload and help each other. There will still be plenty of room for individual accomplishment in the big mountains including two ascents of the mythic Galibier on this 100th anniversary of its first appearance in the Tour. We expect the group to stretch out climbing these fabled slopes, but we'll always regroup at the top.


To reinforce the importance of teamwork you'll ride in the bold Rêve kit prototyped below. Your package includes a team helmet, two team jerseys, and two pairs of team socks. The jerseys are designed to coordinate with your own plain black bibs.

Looking like a team has other benefits. Roads are always open to cyclists, but the high mountain passes may be closed to vehicles one or two days before a major stage. Presenting ourselves in uniform kit, along with our organizational connections may give support vehicles the benefit of the doubt when these situations arise.

In 2010 it definitely made a difference in how we were treated by the gendarmes on the Tourmalet.

Finally, team kit has an incredible impact on our photography. It adds graphic power to every group shot and makes the team stand out from other riders on the road.

We understand that shoes are a personal preference.Wear any brand as long as they are white. Keep in mind we strongly advise you not to ride in brand new shoes in July.

We plan to offer extra pieces for purchase: team bibs; long sleeve jersey; arm warmers; and a high-visibility gilet. These "extras" will be priced at cost from our custom kit supplier based on team interest. We expect to announce some terrific deals on other gear for team members in the new year.

rêve kit dark jersey rêve kit dark jersey