It takes plenty of organization to run a three-week grand tour. We've got the experience and the temperament to keep your legs fresh and spirits high all the way to Paris. Our DS, Wilfred de Kruijf is ideally suited for the task. Always smiling, easy going and ever ready to deal with the unexpected, he sets the tone for the Rêve team.


Wilfred de KruijfWilfred de Kruijf is Reve’s amiable tour director. Based in the Netherlands, Wilfred has lived and worked all over the world.

During the last decade he's organized epic cycling tours on four continents: Africa (Cairo-Capetown), Asia, South America (Patagonia), and Europe. He's trekked 1,000 kms over the Pyrenees on foot, and of course he's managed two highly successful grand tours for Jan Janssen and Kika which is where the idea for Rêve originated. All riders on both of these tours made it to Paris.

Motivated by a desire to help others realize their personal dreams, he's passionate about everything he does and that positivity is contagious. Our clients can focus on their riding, confident that Wilfred is looking after all the details big and small.

Michael Robertson Michael Robertson is Rêve's principal photographer and creative director. Based in San Jose, California he's only recently decided to shift focus from a 25-year design career to shoot cycling and active lifestyle assignments full-time. Specialized Bicycles is a regular client and his work has appeared in ROAD and Bicycling Magazines among other publications in 2010.

He's an avid road cyclist who averages about 5,000 miles per year on his Enigma Eulogy.

The immense scale of a grand tour combined with the accessibility of our riders is the ideal medium to produce great images. He's looking forward to this year's Tour and an expanded Rêve schedule in 2012.

You can find out more about "Robertson" as he likes to be called on his cycling blog,


We'll have lots more to say about our support team very soon, for the moment it's enough to know they're all terrific and ready to get the next grand tour team to Paris.


The biggest advantage we had versus the pros is that we rode for each other, not against each other. Being able to share this experience with this team, transformed 3 weeks of grueling physical hardship into an absolutely unforgettable experience. I can't begin to describe what it felt like, riding the last meters over the Champs Élysées together, champagne in hand. Knowing all of us had made it. We accomplished something that for a long time we did not think was possible. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Jolmer Schukken

Since yesterday I'm back home. Tired but satisfied, still far from realizing what I did. I am an incredible cycling experience richer, that's for sure. Looking back, I must conclude that cycling Le Tour de Jan Janssen is by far the most challenging experience I've ever done on the bike. Both physically and mentally I've had my ups and downs but it was worth it. Tribute to the organizers who really have spared no effort to give us the best possible support. Never a harsh word, but always in good spirits.

John Hagenaar

I just saw the books for the first time live! And cannot keep my eyes off them. They are amazing!! Of course I saw the books on the internet but this is nothing compared with that. It brings the memories and the adventure to life.

Matthias Huitema

The second after you make the decision to ride the Tour, your mind and body get focused in a way I never experienced before. Suddenly, everything has a purpose: your gear, your schedule, your time with friends and family, your diet, your business network.

Entering Paris you realize that completing the Tour will be among your most impressive achievements. You feel both thrilled and melancholic. The satisfaction is overwhelming as is the sense that you’ll never experience something like it again since every Tour is unique.

Elmer Rietveld

It’s terrific to see these pictures. I know for sure it will make the memories of the tour even nicer for the boys. It’s really wonderful you did this. Also want to say that I loved being your chauffeur for the final stage, what a great ride it was

Haley (Kika girlfriend and awesome driver)

More and more I realize how special it is what we did! Cycling for three weeks, raising a wonderful amount of money for charity, having fun with amazing people, having pictures of incredible beauty of our Tour de France. This is something I will always think back on with a smile. Knowing that I will never be as fit again as I was in these days, makes it a memory of great importance in my life. The unbelievably good support we had during our challenge, made it all in one word... perfect!

Pico de Jager



We were fortunate to have industry support from a number of terrific companies in 2010. Once again, we'd like to thank Giro, Specialized, Twin Six, SKINS, Ultramotor and Fedex for their enthusiastic support of The Tour for Kika. This was a truly special project, and the fundraising done by the riders (exclusively) contributed 100,000 euros to the Kika Foundation and its research into childhood cancers. We were proud to help them reach their cycling goal.